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Substantial evidence of Tegretol’s effectiveness for use in the management of children with epilepsysee INDICATIONS AND USAGE for specific seizure typesis derived from clinical investigations performed in adults and from studies in several in vitro systems which support the conclusion that1the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying seizure propagation are essentially identical in adults and childrenand2the mechanism of action of carbamazepine in treating seizures is essentially identical in adults and children.

Suicidal thoughts or actions can be caused by things other than medicinesIf you have suicidal thoughts or actionsyour healthcare provider may check for other causes.

Dizziness drowsiness problems with walking and coordinationunsteadinessnausea vomiting.

Since a given dose of Tegretol suspension will produce higher peak levels than the same dose given as the tabletit is recommended that patients given the suspension be started on lower doses and increased slowly to avoid unwanted side effectssee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION

Combined PoisoningWhen alcoholtricyclic antidepressantsbarbituratesor hydantoins are taken at the same timethe signs and symptoms of acute poisoning with Tegretol may be aggravated or modified.

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tegretol has demonstrated anticonvulsant properties in rats and mice with electrically and chemically induced seizures.