Generic name of tenormin

Atenolol is the fda-approved generic form of brand-name tenormin.

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Information about Tenormin.

You should not use this Tenormin if you have a serious heart condition such asAV blockvery slow heartbeatsor heart failure.

Atenolol is taken by mouthwith or without foodusually one to two times daily.

Before using this medicationtell your doctor or pharmacist your medical historyespecially ofcertain types of heart rhythm problemssuch as slow heartbeatsecondor third-degree atrioventricular blockbreathing problemssuch as asthmachronic bronchitisemphysemablood circulation problemssuch as Raynaud’s diseaseperipheral vascular diseasekidney diseaseserious allergic reactions including those needing treatment with epinephrinea certain muscle diseasemyasthenia gravis

It may take up to 2 weeks before you get the full effect of TenorminKeep using the medication as directed and tell your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

Atenolol belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockersIt works by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals in your bodysuch as epinephrineon the heart and blood vesselsThis effect lowers the heart rateblood pressureand strain on the heart.

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tenormin should be taken at the same time every day.